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Diabetes is not a disease, it’s our life style

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

As an Retina Specialist in Pakistan , I am observing a rise in blindness due to diabetic Retinopathy. What I have observed in last 25 years of practice, that without intrinsic motivation to control blood sugar, it’s almost impossible to control diabetic retinopathy.

My Suggestions to control blood sugar are simple but hard to follow.

Only one Rule

you can’t take more then what you can spend. it’s your tummy not a bank for storage

Only two foods to avoid

  1. carbohydrates

  2. Animal derived foods

Only three foods u can enjoy

  1. vegetables

  2. fruits

  3. legumes and cereals

If you want to take more, then do excercise. As an average you have to run 2 kilometres to take 200 calories snack

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